The preferred method of hair removal for both Men & Women.
Also includes: Eyebrow Tinting, Shaping and Styling!

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Waxing Services at Skin Center New York

At Skin Center, we offer our clients NYC’s premiere waxing service! We use some of the highest end, and most effective one-of-a-kind waxes available industry wide! Our specialized waxing solutions are designed to grab only the hair follicles, allowing us to avoid any damage or side effects to your precious skin. This will ensure a waxing treatment that’s not only more effective, but less painful and with far less of a likelihood of causing ingrown hairs!

By Our Expert Waxing Specialist Elena.

Our waxing services include:
Signature Bikini Wax
A specialized bikini wax, fully customized to fit your needs! We offer a full, front to back treatment or a spot treatment that waxes just the areas that you need. Our waxing experts will make sure they treat only the areas you in need, and none of what you don’t.

Large Areas
For those clients with larger, problem areas in need of NYC’s premiere waxing estheticians. Whether its your full back, arms, legs, chest or midsection, our waxing experts will provide you with the same specialized care and sensitive touch we would for your more intimate and private areas!

Small Areas
From a sensitive facial waxing, to the underarms, or another more intimate touch-up, our waxing specialists have got you covered!

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Or, check out our full line of waxing prices below:

Waxing for Men

  • Boyzilian $95
  • Full Back $55+
  • Crack $26
  • Chest $37+
  • Shoulder $21
  • Stomach $22
  • Full Leg $75+
  • Half Leg $35+
  • Upper Neck $17
Waxing for Women

  • Brazilian $65
  • 3 Brazilian Wax Sessions $150
  • 5 Brazilian Wax Sessions $300
*20% Off of the First Buy!

  • Signature Bikini $25
  • Full Arms $45
  • Half Arms $25
  • Full Leg $70
  • Half Leg $35
  • Stomach $15
  • Inner Thigh $27
  • Underarm $21
  • Lip $14
  • Chin $10
  • Face $20+
The ideal eyebrow arch can drastically enhance your facial appearance – creating brilliant contours, while slimming your face in all the right places! The Skin Center team of brow experts can offer you a treatment that is both precise and unique, with a one-of-a-kind experience you can’t get anywhere else!

Our eyebrow services include:

Our eyebrow specialists will help design and contour your eyebrows to the perfect look for you! We take into account the style, shape and size of your facial features combined with your personality to create the ideal set of brows for you! Your customize brows will be sure to bring out the best in your look and enhance every detail of your appearance.

Our specialized tinting procedure will darken your brows, to create the sexy, sultry, alluring look you’ve always wanted! Eyebrow tinting is known to bring out the best in each and every one of your facial features!

Artistic Brow
Providing you a fully customized, total-brow transformation – our Artistic Brow treatment will shape and tint your brows, giving you a look that is both bold and alluring!

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