Buccal Massage

Buccal massage is the most advanced facial massage technique. This massage is unique in that it entails working not only on the outside of the face but also on the inside through the oral cavity.

Time of Service

75 MIN


Beauty editors and celebrities in the know use the powerful medical-aesthetic technique known as Sculptural Face Lifting to lift cheeks, slim the jawline, firm a double chin, tone the neck, de-puff eyes, release wrinkles, and provide that lifting glow. It is a profoundly relaxing and painless alternative to surgical facelifts and injections.

What are the benefits of Buccal Massage?

Buccal massage is a painless, incredibly calming, and secure alternative to injections and surgical facelifts.

  • Slims and shapes the jawline
  • Enhances and plumps the cheeks
  • It eliminates a double chin
  • The neck is toned
  • Deflates the eyes
  • Relieves creases on the jawline, neck, and marionette lines.
  • It gives out a great glow.

What Buccal Massage and Facial Sculptural Lifting entails

From lymphatic drainage and myofascial release to relieve muscles from unwelcome facial expressions, buccal massage concentrates on muscle shaping and toning. The work comprises buccal massage carried out with non-latex gloves inside the mouth.

When NOT to have Buccal Massage

Avoid this procedure if you recently had Botox, fillers, facial threading, neck or face surgery, are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, are receiving cancer treatments, have an acute face, neck, or scalp injury, an infectious disease, active herpes or cold sores, an urgent dental issue, an uncontrolled thyroid condition, an infection or blockage in the lymphatic system, or epilepsy. You should also avoid this procedure if you take drugs or herbs that thin the blood or make the skin more prone.

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Benefits of the Buccal Massage

  • eliminates muscle spasms
  • eliminates mimic wrinkles and sagging
  • eliminates blockages, clamps, stress, and anxiety
  • improves muscle tone
  • restores contours of the neck, chin, and cheeks
  • eliminates swellings, under-eye bags

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