Acne Myths & Misconceptions

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There are a number of common misconceptions regarding acne issues, and misinformation is common. The more you educate yourself on skin care and good skincare habits the more clean, clear, lively, and vibrant your skin will be!

  • Makeup – Makeup barely has any direct effect on acne. However, certain poor-quality makeup can harm your skin overall causing other facial marks and blemishes. For best results, use oil-free makeup that doesn’t clog the pores, and make sure to remove makeup at bedtime and whenever it isn’t necessary.
  • Greasy Food – The amount of grease in one’s diet has almost no effect on acne or the production of facial oils. However, the consumption of fatty, greasy foods can be an overall detriment to your health and wellness – causing acne as a side effect, down the line.
  • Hygiene – This is a common myth, that if an individual wash their face repeatedly they are less likely to get acne. However, the opposite is true. Over-washing of the face, or using harsh soaps and chemicals on the face can trigger breakouts. Also, a certain number of bacteria and sebum is necessary for the health of the skin.
  • Stress – Acne is generally caused by a combination of clogged pores, from a result of dead skin, bacteria, dirt, debris, and excess oils. While stress can certainly increase breakouts and aggravate your existing acne, it definitely isn’t a cause for it!
  • Let Your Acne Dry Out – This is an old wives tale that has seen generations of patients completely damage their skin! Patients believe that drying up their skin will help their acne flake away and “fall off” – this couldn’t be further from the truth! Overly dry skin can actually aggravate existing acne issues, and provide an area where acne may actually thrive – leading to more broken skin, flakes, and irritated skin.
  • The Sun Helps Treat Acne – True, the sun does emit some vitamins that can help your skin somewhat, but the damage it can do is far worse. In fact, the sun in many instances can actually worsen your acne symptoms and cause issues such as hyperpigmentation and more. No matter if it’s a sunny day or it’s overcast, you must apply a fair amount of sunscreen in order to keep your skin clear of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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