Sculptural Face Lifting

The revolutionary new procedure known as the Sculptural Face Lifting massage has taken the aesthetic enhancement world by storm. Made famous by the Duchess of Sussex herself, Meghan Markle, the treatment helps patients to achieve a variety of age-defying affects and helps to naturally rejuvenate the tissue around the face – without any side effects or complications!

How Does it Work?
The amazing Sculptural Face Lifting procedure helps stimulate a number of internal processes within the facial tissue – providing natural rejuvenation by improving blood circulation and providing lymphatic drainage. In addition, the procedure enhances microcirculation and cellular respiration, ensuring added oxygen for the facial tissue, improve blood flow, activated metabolism, and overall nourishment of the tissue!

Whether it be due to the stresses of daily life, or environmental factors, many of us do daily damage to our skin’s health. The Sculptural Face Lifting procedure works to correct these issues by manipulating muscles and tissue within the face, all from outside the skin’s surface. This manipulation helps to restore much-needed balance, and free our adipose tissue from a number of forces that are constricting the proper health of the skin.

The Technique
The Sculptural Face Lifting procedure is an innovative method that uses a variety of interesting techniques, including:

  • Sculptural Kneading: Using a specially devised facial manipulation technique, we begin the process by kneading the entire face, including the neck and décolletage area.
  • Intraoral Technique: This technique then allows us to mimic the similar affects of chewing along the length of the facial muscles. At the same time, we are able to provide in in-depth massage, that stimulates the oral cavity, and the facial bones of the skull. This massage helps to restore the shape, and improve issues with edema, while strengthening and toning the muscles in the area.

Benefits of the Procedure
Using this amazing method of facial massage, we are able to stimulate the muscles in the face, to provide a number of important benefits. The Sculptural Face Lifting massage offers benefits including:

  • Tightening the Facial Muscles & Facial Skin
  • Relaxing the facial tissue.
  • Improves Muscle & Tissue Restoration & Recovery
  • Improves Facial Elasticity
  • Restores the Overall Facial Shape
  • Improves Cellular Metabolism of the Face
  • Improves Cellular Regeneration
  • Prevents Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Helps Alleviate Premature Signs of Aging

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