Acne Program in NYC

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For new clients. An Acne Specialist will take the following steps:

  • Make the skin analysis
  • Determine your acne type and grade
  • Educate you on the formation of Acne and how our system works to target problem areas, that makes us successful in achieving the results we want
  • Teach you how to check your skincare products for pore-clogging ingredients
  • Go over aggravating factors that make you break out – foods, medications, cosmetics, etc.
  • Give you recommendations for the products and treatments you will need to get clear
  • Explain how our system works

If you decide to work with us, we will take the additional steps:

  • Determine your skin tolerance for the professional strength products
  • Develop an individualized homecare regimen specifically designed for your skin type, and acne needs for the first 2 weeks
  • Scheduled your next appointments

Your acne products will be purchased during this first consultation.

Plan on spending approximately $90-$150 the same day on products. These products are an essential part of getting your skin clear.

We do not offer a program without product purchase. If you are interested in extractions, chemical peels, laser treatments only,  book our Acne Treatments.

With your commitment to the skincare regimen and our in-clinic treatments, we will take control of your acne in as little as 3-4 months, with visible improvements within first 3 weeks.  When you enroll in our acne treatment clinic, we will work together as a team to conquer your acne. We answer any questions regarding your regiment and skin state via text, email or call.

You will contact YOUR ACNE SPECIALIST DIRECTLY! We are always here to support you through the process.

By working with our acne clinic, we will stop your breakouts and will get rid of all the acne marks at the same time. The pigmentation fades away significantly.

If you have rosacea with acne (small red pustules or papules mostly on the cheeks, nose and forehead), we can help you too. Acne rosacea is not regular acne (i.e. acne vulgaris), but we are very successful in treating this type of acne, as well as improving the overall rosacea skin.

We are happy to hear that our clients say the skin gets calmer in regards of redness and inflammation. We also educate you on food and environmental triggers that can make rosacea worse.

We can help you with red or dark spots as well as with indented, pitted scarring. We perform microneedling in our clinic. This procedure ensures one of the best results for improving the appearance of the scarring.

Red or dark spots are not real scars. This is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. There is no point to treat it before you completely clear your acne. New breakouts produce new pigmented spots, while NO breakouts means NO new spots. If you have pigmentation and breakout at least with 3-5 pimples a month, please treat acne first.

We introduce this service, as it was requested by many of our clients. This treatment is only for our FORMER acne clients, who would like to maintain the health and glow of the skin with us. Thanks! Ask for the package price!

The treatments will focus for what the skin needs at the time of treatment – either more hydration or more anti-bacterial and/or anti-inflammatory action.

A diet high in iodides (the salt on those french fries) can make acne worse, but neither candy nor fried foods “cause” acne. There have been studies that show that sugar-laden foods and fast foods can make acne worse, but it certainly is not the “cause”. If it caused it then every teenager in America would have acne, but that is not the case. Acne is an inherited disorder of the pores – you either are prone to it or not. Clinical experiments have proven that chocolate does not cause or worsen acne.

There is no “cure” for acne. Most people will grow out of it at some point in their lives, but no one can predict when that will be. Acne can wreak havoc on your face until you do. The good news is that acne can be controlled by using the right products for your type of acne and used in the right way.

Not true. Drying out your face only makes your skin sensitive, flaky, tight and uncomfortable. Your face is dry on the surface, but that doesn’t really clean out your pores. Using a combination of acne products that keep the pore clean, kill bacteria and exfoliate without over drying is how you clear up acne.

Most dermatologist do not specialize in acne. Becoming a dermatologist requires a person to study and understand a huge list of skin diseases, and acne is simply one of many. Even though acne is the #1 reason people see dermatologists, this does not mean that a dermatologist is a specialist in acne unless she specifically decided to focus her practice on this area.

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